Lord Christopher Monckton

I mentioned before (in an email) that following Chris Monckton’s various erudite speeches in Australia subsequent to Climategate, I was concerned to learn that because of various politicians’ failure to read the small print in the many documents that pass before them, including our indolent foreign secretary of the day, Douglas Hurd, we have been co-erced into a pseudo-dictatorship within the banner of the european union. After looking into this further, I have just seen “The Obama Deception”, with some 7M+ viewers, which I found on a link from Prison Planets, by Alex Jones.
The upshot of this long video link is that it would appear that the western world, as we know it is dominated by wall street oligarchs, who control the US president, Obama being groomed by them as much as 30 years ago. It would also appear that the BILDERBERG group (bankers), the Trilateral Commission and the US CFR are behind all this, along with the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA. It also transpires, although not proven, that the last ‘real’ President of the US was JF Kennedy. Ironically, it would appear that he, too had been groomed by these despots, but he became his own man. This could be why he was assassinated, maybe by wall street.
It is perhaps no wonder why CM wishes perhaps to keep certain information under wraps, especially after he was physically assaulted.
If you have not seen this vid before, I sincerely recommend a decko, especially at the last quarter, where it is evident that these world power anarchists are hell-bent on utilising the scare-mongering tactics of AGW to their advantage.
This also tends to answer many questions regarding the economic growth, and otherwise of the world. It was the banking fraternity that created and condoned lending money to people who had not a hope in hell of repaying a mortgage on a regular basis. Bundle all these sour loans together, and farm them off to a competitor; the latter threatens to go bankrupt when the savers smell a rat (e.g., Northern Rock, UK), and the government of the day bails them out, with the rather putrid remark that banks cannot be allowed to fail.

There is also a full 4-part vid link at PP or Infowars to another excellent demonstration of Chris Monckton’s acumen, concerning the communistic approach to this wretched new world order (NWO).


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