As this is only my second post on this web-log, I thought that it may be interesting to check in the dictionary for ‘propaganda’. It is actually derived from a committee of cardinals of the RC church in charge of foreign missions. Further investigation from my own resources (shorter OED) reveal that this committee was founded in 1622, and was named ‘Congregatio de propaganda fide’. The RC church in those days were not as powerful as they would have liked to have been, hence an injection of “toe the line, or else…”. Does this sound familiar? Religion seems to have waned in the public mind, so another, more powerful method of ensuring that the masses toe the line (laid down by the elite) is required, and it has to be of a scare-mongering nature, just the same as with the RC missionaries, et al who signalled doom and catastrophe from on high, and woe betide any dissenter. Fear is the element here, and the ignorance of the mass of people who have had a poor education through no fault of their own; fear also that you will upset family and friends by your questioning, by your disbelief and, perhaps through your own dogged intuition that ‘something is not right’.

Such is the situation now, with propaganda being spread globally by the so-called NWO to our own children by oft-times well intentioned teachers who have already been indoctrinated by colleges and universities. The NWO can afford to wait; they have plenty of our money. Do your own children attempt to disagree with you, regarding a common-sense approach to so-called global warming?

Tell them this… Firstly, find out for yourself. It’s fairly easy to do on the interweb. Form your own opinion – never rely on others, except for your ma and pa! But even then, question, question and repeat the question if you have not received an adequate response.

An adequate response was not forthcoming from the PSU, and never could. It’s reliance on external funding was paramount.


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